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    • New Redstone Arsenal Gate 9 design includes tribute to the past


    REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – The work continues this weekend to prepare the new Redstone Arsenal Gate 9 for traffic.

    Officials closed Gate 9 for a period of time in order to move electronics and structures from the old gate to the new one. They are also preparing the barriers that serve as protection.

    The new gate is silver and fresh, sitting 3/4 of a mile back from the former Gate 9. On top sits the title, “Redstone Arsenal” in large, red letters.

    This isn’t the first time big, red letters have welcomed us into Redstone Arsenal. The design is similar to the former Gate 1 from 1962, on Martin Road.

    “The lettering on the 1962 gate is very similar to the lettering we are seeing now on the new Gate 9,” said Claus Martel, Redstone Arsenal Acting Command Historian. “It’s kind of an homage, a throwback, to the classic design of that era.”

    Source: New Redstone Arsenal Gate 9 design includes tribute to the past