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    • Smith & Wesson Security Solutions Announces Successful Certification Test of New 16-Foot Wedge Barrier


    FRANKLIN, Tennessee, August 13, 2012 FutureNet Security Solutions (FNSS), a leading turn-key provider of perimeter security solutions, today announced that the companys unique SW1900 wedge active vehicle barrier has successfully passed third-party crash test certification for American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards at a barrier width of 16 feet. This test, combined with FNSSs previously successful crash test certification of a nine-foot wide barrier, makes the SW1900 the only wedge type active vehicle barrier available today in a range of widths certified from 9 to 16 feet.

    FNSS President Wes Foss, commented on the successful test saying, Discerning clients prefer wedge barriers available in a variety of widths because they deliver a flexible solution required to maximize value. Both ASTM test methods and DOD barrier standards require barriers to be successfully tested at minimum and maximum widths. FutureNet is proud of the fact that the SW1900 is the only plate wedge barrier available on the market today that has successfully been crash tested at minimum and maximum widths.

    In an independent third-party crash test conducted on June 19, the 16-foot version of the SW1900 wedge barrier successfully met the ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 standard. The SW1900 stopped a 15,000 lb. truck traveling 50 miles per hour with zero penetration. The SW1900 wedge barrier used for the test was powered by an electro-mechanical actuator. For clients who cannot afford an interruption to their operations following an impact, the SW1900s electro-mechanical actuator continued to function immediately after impact with no repairs or reset required. Once the crash-test wreckage was removed, the SW1900 wedge was immediately cycled multiple times under its own power, and demonstrated the ability to complete Emergency Fast Operate (EFO) deployments in less than two seconds. In addition, vehicles were driven over the SW1900 wedge barrier immediately following the test, demonstrating that the SW1900 could withstand an impact and remain functional. In July 2011, FNSS successfully crash tested a nine-foot version of the SW1900 wedge barrier utilizing a hydraulic actuator with similar results.

    FNSS, formerly known as Smith & Wesson Security Solutions, is a leading innovator in the perimeter security industry and has significantly improved and modernized the time-tested plate wedge vehicle barrier by incorporating numerous advancements in technology into the SW1900 wedge barrier design. By utilizing cutting-edge noise dampening technology, lightweight components, corrosion resistant coatings, and value engineering, FNSS has developed a wedge barrier that provides a significantly quieter operation, reduced energy consumption, and increased reliability. Executive Vice President Ken Grant noted, These improvements allow FNSS to provide its clients with a unique combination of value and performance. Simple to install, the SW1900 has been very well received by our Government and commercial clients, and we are on pace to exceed our production goals this year. Available in widths from 9 to 16 feet, and in both hydraulic and electro-mechanically actuated versions, the SW1900 is well suited for a variety of applications at Department of Defense installations, federal agencies, Department of State facilities, and commercial facilities, such as data centers and petrochemical processing plants.

    About FutureNet Security Solutions
    Based in Franklin, Tennessee., FutureNet Security Solutions is a full-service perimeter security integrator, barrier manufacturer, specialty contractor, and maintenance provider. FutureNet Security Solutions is a subsidiary of Detroit-based FutureNet Group, Inc. Formerly known as Smith & Wesson Security Solutions, the company provides a complete range of products and services to a diverse client base, which spans the defense, transportation and petrochemical industries, as well as corporate facilities, airports, Fortune 500 companies, national laboratories, and 16 separate federal agencies. FutureNet Security Solutions is the sole manufacturer and provider of the GRAB net barrier system, XMB mobile barrier, ODDS over-speed detection system, SW1900 wedge barrier, and a range of other proprietary perimeter security products. To learn more about the companys products and services, call (615) 224-0400 or visit