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    Smith & Wessons USR Division Adopts VMAG(TM) High Speed Gate Operation Technology
    FRANKLIN, Tenn., March 31, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ Universal Safety Response, Inc. (USR), a Smith & Wesson company (Nasdaq: SWHC), and a leader in perimeter security systems, announced today that it has signed an exclusive dealer agreement with VMAG, LLC, the sole manufacturer of the patented VMAG(TM) series of very high speed gate operators. The addition of the VMAG (Velocity Magnetic) gate operators to its portfolio will allow USR to deliver perimeter security systems with exceptionally high speed gate closure capability.

    VMAGs proprietary gate operator design uses linear induction motor (LIM) technology to reach gate operating speeds of up to 8 feet per second a significant improvement over existing designs that operate at approximately 1 foot per second. This speed advantage is optimal for the high-security solutions that USR provides its clients when security gates are paired with active vehicle barriers, which typically open or close in less than 2 seconds. LIM technology boasts advanced electronically controlled magnetic operators with a simpler method of operation and improved reliability compared with many other available solutions.

    USR Executive Vice President, Wes Foss, said, This innovative VMAG solution changes the way integrators, architects, security directors, and facility managers consider sliding gates for both traditional and high-security applications. Open and close cycles that once required 12 to 30 seconds to complete will now take only 3 4 seconds with VMAG operators, decreasing vehicle processing time dramatically while enhancing security. Faster gate closure reduces the ability of unauthorized vehicles to tailgate behind cleared vehicles when entering a facility, thereby reducing potential security breaches as well as impact damage caused when such vehicles pass through a traditional gate while it is still slowly closing.

    VMAG technology uses only magnetic coupling with no moving drive components, making it an extremely reliable solution for highly sensitive facilities, such as airports, nuclear reactor sites and military installations. At the San Antonio International Airport operations area, VMAG operators have cycled more than 250,000 times without failure or signs of wear.

    Dick Loos, President of VMAG LLC, said, VMAGs single-partner agreement with USR makes perfect sense for both companies. Each possesses a strong commitment to quality control and exceptional customer service and support. VMAGs core business tenets are quality, reliability and customer satisfactionfrom concept and R&Dto the end-user experience. This agreement provides us a great opportunity for single channel distribution and maximum quality control, thereby enhancing the end-customer experience.

    USR is adding the VMAG series of gate operators to its Green product line, which will complement the all-electric GRAB(R), XMB(TM) and EMB(TM) vehicle barrier systems. VMAGs clean, low energy magnetic technology significantly reduces power requirements, while its self-correcting technology limits repair visits and its low maintenance requirements further reduce the travel, time, and consumable materials required to keep traditional systems operating.

    About VMAG
    VMAG (Velocity Magnetic) is a state-of-the-art linear induction gate operator designed to improve security at airport operation areas, military installations, chemical and fuel storage sites and other security-sensitive properties. VMAG utilizes electromagnetic technology, which is three to four times faster than traditional slide gate operators. The VMAG operator, which was in development for several years, is currently in use at the San Antonio International Airport operations area, cycling through more than 250,000 times without failure or signs of wear. In March of 2010, VMAG partnered with Universal Safety Response (USR), a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson. USR was named VMAGs exclusive dealer. Visit us on the web at to view a video demonstration of the VMAG operator.

    About USR
    Based in Franklin, Tenn., USR is a full-service perimeter security integrator, barrier manufacturer, and installer. As a Smith & Wesson company, USR provides a complete range of products and services tailored to each clients unique specifications. USR is proud to incorporate its core values of customer service, integrity, innovation, and quality into every project. Founded in 1994, USR is the original creator of GRAB(R), the worlds fastest growing barrier technology. USR serves a variety of clients in the defense, transportation and petrol-chemical industries, as well as corporate facilities, airports, Fortune 500 companies, national laboratories and museums. To learn more about USRs services and products, call (615) 224-0400 or visit

    About Smith & Wesson
    Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: SWHC) is a U.S.-based, global provider of products and services for safety, security, protection and sport. The company designs and constructs facility perimeter security solutions for military and commercial applications, and delivers a broad portfolio of firearms and related training to the military, law enforcement and sports markets. SWHC companies include Smith & Wesson Corp., the globally recognized manufacturer of quality firearms; Universal Safety Response, a full-service perimeter security integrator, barrier manufacturer and installer; and Thompson/Center Arms Company, Inc., a premier designer and manufacturer of premium hunting firearms. SWHC facilities are located in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Tennessee. For more information on Smith & Wesson and its companies, call (800) 331-0852

    Safe Harbor Statement
    Certain statements contained in this press release may be deemed to be forward-looking statements under federal securities laws, and Smith & Wesson intends that such forward-looking statement be subject to the safe-harbor created thereby. These forward-looking statements include statements regarding the speed and performance of the gate operators; the ability of USR to deliver perimeter security systems with exceptionally high speed gate closure capacity; the technology, operating, and reliability advantages of the gates compared with other available solutions; the way integrators, architects, security directors, and facility managers will consider sliding gates; and the failure rates of the gates in service; all of which are opinions without third party verification.