Custom & UL Listed Controls

Custom control boxes are engineered and fabricated in our panel shop to satisfy our clients’ desires for deployment. Whether the need is for a simple box and button system, or an integrated panel of controls under a single pane of glass, our team will assess the situation and design a solution. Our expert understanding of sequence of deployment requirements equips us with the knowledge necessary to provide our clients with solutions that enhance the security and protect people. When a threat is identified, our clients can activate the controls, deploying barriers within a set number of seconds, and under a predetermined sequence that may include warning signals. Buttons are configured in a custom manner to ensure efficiency and minimize mistakes. Additionally, our controls can be UL rated as desired or required by the electrical engineers working on a project. Our facilities are subject to oversight by UL in order to achieve this certification, and it’s a welcome process, as we understand the impact UL ratings can make on the project meeting specifications.