Our crash rated drop arm combines speed and control to deliver an exceptional access control system. This system is perfect for emergency entrance ways where ambulances and fire trucks need quick access onto a facility. The crash rated beam can be operated in five to ten seconds under normal operating conditions, and under three seconds for fast emergency situations. The beam is ideal for operating in conditions ranging from -30℉ to 200℉, making it the preferred choice among drop beams for cold weather and wet weather applications.
This rectangular rigid steel beam is driven by an actuator that is designed to move heavy weight at high velocities, over heavy duty cycles. The beam’s system is equipped with an internal brake system and PLC technology allowing 360 degree positioning for exceptional speed and control. Crash beams are designed to provide you access control with minimum maintenance and high reliability.
FutureNet Security Solutions provides an optional battery backup system. The backup system provides approximately 600-plus cycles, to prevent vulnerabilities at a facility if a power outage occurs.
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