Crash-rated SW1200 M50 Post and Cable

The SW1200 M50 Post & Cable Passive Barrier System provides a cost-effective, flexible solution for large areas which require crash rated or engineered anti-ram protection. Faster and less expensive to provide and install than fixed bollards, boulders, reinforced walls, and alternative post & cable systems, the SW1200 is an ideal solution for perimeter protection along roadways, entry corridors, or to protect critical infrastructure. The system can be easily paired with chain link fence, palisade high-security/ anti-climb fencing, or even integrated within more decorative masonry structures. An array of finishes are available to match the budget and desired aesthetic of any project, including powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, and paint-over-galvanizing.
The SW1200 has successfully completed third party certification testing to the ASTM F2656-07 M50 P2 test standard in both 50 foot and 200 foot barrier widths, providing FutureNet Security Solutions with the only post & cable barrier system available today in a range of certified widths. This allows the security system designer unprecedented flexibility in designing a cost-effective, properly certified perimeter passive barrier system.
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