FutureNet Security Solutions’ Event Recorder is the first UL certified recorder in the security industry that meets all of the Unified Facilities Guide Specification (UFGS) requirements for access control point data recording. The recorder can be networked with multiple barriers to deliver time, date, event and description of data that has been performed within the barrier system’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Data can be received from the Event Recorder by a network connection, which allows remote viewing and downloading of the performance data. You can also retrieve data by removing the compact flash memory card or connecting a laptop with an ethernet cable for quick downloading. Alarm conditions can also be sent via e-mail and FTP. The addition of a GSM/GPRS cellular modem option card adds SMS capability. Alarms or status updates can be immediately sent to key personnel and managers to allow rapid response to an incident.
The Event Recorder can be integrated into any system with existing PLCs in the barrier control panel or master control panel. Systems without PLCs can be retrofitted with additional equipment to hard-wire inputs to the Event Recorder. New barrier systems can have the Event Recorder installed when building the panel.
Retrofitting the Event Recorder into existing panels requires three simple steps: a site visit, in-house programming and testing, and installation. During the site visit FutureNet Security Solutions® will assess your hardware and expansion space, download the PLC program (if applicable) and map existing program and associated devices. After the assessment of your control system FutureNet Security Solutions® will program the event recorder, add event programming to the existing PLC program and perform an in-house quality control test before releasing the device. Finally, FutureNet Security Solutions® will install the Event Recorder in the existing panel or additional panel if space is not available, upload the expanded program into the existing PLC, and connect the recorder to the PLC while checking communications. FutureNet Security Solutions® will test the system to ensure all events are recorded.
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