Removable Bollards

Global GRAB Technologies, Inc. provides removable bollards for security and traffic control options that design goals can be deployed quickly by hand. Removable bollards provide a viable alternative for situations where logistics and cost of automatic bollards are less feasible. They can be used in place of obstructions like cones or barrels, and provide a higher level of protection.

The removable bollard is a cost-effective design that creates a flexible vehicle access solution that both protects and allows vehicles to access secure areas when necessary. Global GRAB Technologies, Inc. provides removable bollards in a variety of colors and styles to fit many applications.

Flexible color and finish options allow you to customize your bollard system look, including cast aluminum and custom-milled stainless steel for a more modern look. Custom shapes, lighting and signage are also available.

For complete decorative flexibility, bollard covers are available. The styles and colors available are virtually limitless, allowing your bollards to easily blend into existing architectural and landscape designs. Old bollards get a cost-effective face lift with bollard covers also, improving their appearance and minimizing the amount of maintenance required.

For facilities in need of a higher level of protection, anti-ram bollard solutions are designed and engineered to meet strict standards of crash protection established by the U.S. Department of State.
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