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Product Description

The SW1700 represents a dramatic leap forward in electro-mechanical anti-ram bollard reliability and functionality. The innovative new drive system in the SW1700 removes common fail points found in competitive systems, and has been designed for reliability from the start using materials appropriate for demanding high security outdoor applications. It’s quiet operation, small installed footprint, and aesthetically pleasing appearance make the SW1700 suitable for a wide variety of facilities – such as military installations, corporate headquarters, embassies, data centers, municipal buildings, and Federal Government offices.
Synthetic counterweight cables, stainless steel and nickel plated drive components, graphite coated reaction blocks, high performance sump pump with integrated grinder, and other technologies allow the SW1700 to continue smooth, reliable operation even when exposed to salt water spray, sand, leaves, pine needles, gravel, and other hazards that stop other systems. Outdoor endurance testing has demonstrated the SW1700’s ability to endure nuisance impacts, flooding, traffic, and exposure to a multitude of debris and other hazards without interruption.
The SW1700 is capable of stopping a 15,000 lb. truck traveling at 50 MPH, as demonstrated during successful independent 3rd party testing to the ASTM F2656-07 standard. In addition, the standard SW1700 is capable of raising to the full up position in less than 2.0 seconds as required for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s standard for Emergency Fast Operate (EFO) deployment.
The design of the SW1700 incorporates FutureNet Security Solutions’ understanding of the need for easy preventive maintenance and repair access. Electrical quick disconnects, slip-fit drain connections, and a completely removable (and interchangeable) bollard assembly elevate the SW1700 further above its competitors. If significant repair is required following an impact, the entire bollard assembly can be removed from the roadway for service while the facility’s operations continue across a clear roadway. Bollard assemblies are also interchangeable, allowing them to be transferred from non-critical access points to critical access points if necessary.