Global GRAB is an end-to-end provider of turnkey perimeter security solutions. We’ve created a process for engagement that allows us to lead in every aspect of the project, which results in the best outcomes for the end user.

Our team initiates every project with a period of discovery and consulting before moving into engineering and design, construction and maintenance. Unlike other firms, we are completely turnkey. Upon engaging with us, our team will handle all aspects of the design and installation of your perimeter security solution, including engineering, procurement, dirt work, concrete work, control design and integration, and more.

Additionally, our end-to-end process includes professional warranty servicing and ongoing system maintenance with an ultimate commitment to protecting your assets.
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Best Practices Consult

We utilize best practices and a proven approach to perimeter security that allows us to formulate recommendations and to discover potential security gaps as we work diligently to identify solutions that others might miss, and to solve operational challenges that seem unsolvable.

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Design & Engineer

Our innovative team has a track record of designing new products, solutions and technology to fulfill the functional obligations and requirements of a customer’s specific perimeter security goals if an existing product or solution is not available in the market.

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Construct & Integrate

Our key differentiator is our experience in engineering, fabrication, manufacturing and construction and our success in designing custom controls while leveraging integration efficiencies and best practices.

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Maintain & Service

We are proud of our success in delivering a well-defined maintenance, service and warranty program designed to meet the challenges and service-level agreement requirements of mission critical organizations on a 24-hour/7-day-a-week basis, while protecting a customer’s investment.

We Exist to Protect

Our ultimate goal is to protect people, places and data from threats by identifying and fortifying perimeter vulnerabilities.