MVB-3X Modular Vehicle Barrier One-Lane (12ft) Option

SKU# 614802


The MVB-3X (Modular Vehicle Barrier) is a quick and lightweight certified modular vehicle barrier. The system is a certified ASTM, IWA-14 and PAS 68 standard mobile vehicle barrier. The MVB-3X was tested and rated to stop a 7.5-ton truck at 30 mph. The system was specially designed for urban areas, the protection of critical infrastructure and special events, law enforcement and military units worldwide.

This item includes one lane of MVB-3X barriers (a set of 8 individual barriers) and a container for storage. To purchase a single barrier replacement, please contact us at 877.260.4722.

This product is most commonly bought with the MVB-3X Pivot System (sold separately).

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